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Hi. I'm Mike Phillips.

To paraphrase Butch Cassidy, I'm a person of vision when the rest of the world is wearing bifocals.Growth marketer, weightlifter, content creator.I connect the dots between business growth strategies and the growth mindset of strength athletes to help you accelerate your personal and professional growth.I'm also a huge music & math nerd.And I believe there’s no one better to bet on and invest in than yourself.I bet you're a person of vision too:➡️ Your professional value is an asset to you and to those around you (including your employer). Your brand is your greatest asset.➡️ Your equilibrium is dynamic, not static — you feel balanced in life when you’re moving forward.➡️ You thrive in the discomfort that growth brings — and you pursue growing both as a professional and as a person.Growth is an infinite game — a part of your life that never ends but always evolves. It's a way of life to seek growth, make more opportunities for it, and strive to achieve it.If growth is part of who you are too, then we'll get along just fine.You don't have to be a weightlifter or a marketer to get stronger at growth. You just have to be you.Always be growing,

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Invest in Yourself

The best way to grow as a professional, in any field, is to learn a bit of marketing.Strategy and tactics that work for promoting corporate brands also work for promoting yourself.➡️ Building an audience.
➡️ Engaging that audience.
➡️ Nurturing a tribe.
➡️ Building a brand.
➡️ Storytelling.
All of those things will help your career and your personal brand grow, BUT the most valuable thing you get from learning a bit about marketing is being able to shift your mindset into the view of your “customer.”Whether that "customer" is your boss, a donor for your non-profit, the stockholders for your corporation, the board members of your organization, or the hiring manager for your next job…Learning how to market yourself in the way that appeals most to them is the best way to grow as a professional.Start getting stronger at marketing yourself:


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